Working out – so important – how to make it fun?

Working out is something that we just have to do especially as the years march on. And as we fight the battle of the bulge it becomes even  more critical to move your body as much as possible. I am no different from everyone else – and had to force myself to incorporate exercise into my daily life – as our sedentary ways – especially with computer addiction – are no contributor to good health.  Here I am stretching – no matter how much we stretch, it seems that we always need more stretching – sigh…. Larraine's back doing stretches April 10 2013

So what works? Well, first – walking whenever you can.

But that is not enough.

Weight training is essential. Yoga and Pilates are excellent for lengthening and stretching – and weight training adds that extra cherry on top – helps your metabolism work harder to burn calories.

What about Pilates then? I have been doing it for 10 years now – and love the way it makes me feel – stretched out and relaxed most of the time as long as I don’t overdo it. I know that folks who push the envelope of Pilates do the aerobic kind and I take my hat off to them – it is too much for me and inevitably I tear/overstretch/hurt myself. So I now do Pilates in the swimming pool and not only is it fun, but it is painless, and swimming for 30 minutes prior to the Pilates stretching is a fabulous aerobic workout.

But what I love the most is – boxing. Yes, boxing! It is an amazing sport – and burns more calories than anything else I have ever done. Now make no mistake – I am not hitting anyone. Nor is anyone hitting me! I am boxing with a trainer who wears padded gloves and all he does is respond to me – while telling me which boxing moves to take. It is all about foot work, body balance, and movement rather than brute force and I LOVE IT!

I do an occasional Zumba class – without too much bouncing or high impact – and its fun  but mainly Pool Pilates, Boxing, Aerobic swimming, Weight Training, Elliptical and Rowing Machine and Stretching – as well as Paddle tennis doubles once a week – well, you could say that in my dotage I am exercising more than ever before. Of course I now have the time – sort of – in between board work, babies and cooking!

Perhaps it’s just that now I LOVE what I do – and do it at my own pace. Nevertheless, exercising as a family is a great way to spend time together. My husband and I play golf – occasionally when we are not delivering goat babies, or dealing with the never ending projects on the Little Farm.

My son and his two older sons and wife all run together and I am sure now that the twins are walking – they will become a ‘running’ family. That is the way to do it…. start early!I used to swim, play field hockey, tennis, bike ride and ride horses in my youth – so running around is not new.  I LOATHED gymnastics – yet now it is part of my life. Go figure.

Maybe that is why I am so happy! Lucky me! What do YOU do to work out?

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I have reinvented myself many times during my life -teacher, lawyer, business woman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Board member, Professor, Mom, Wife, Farmer, Chef, Musician, Author and now my best role of all – Grandma to multiple grandchildren, grandnephews and nieces worldwide.

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