Yogurt – so many ways to use this healthy dish – cooking with kids especially!


We make our own yogurt from our goats milk and use it in many dishes when cooking with kids. It is creamy and delicious. I also enjoy FAGE non fat yogurt when I am looking for a lower calorie dish. There are SO many ways to use yogurt – here are just a few:

As an accompaniment to fish – mixed with chopped fresh mint – by the way did you know that mint grows like a weed? You can grow it indoors in a pot or outdoors in a garden. Delicious!

Along with any kind of berries – blueberries and blackberries look especially good – but strawberries work well. And if you want to take your berries, cook them with some sugar and a tablespoon of lemon juice until syrupy, you can swirl them with the yogurt for an attractive dessert.

A dollop of yogurt on top of a rich meat or chicken stew – especially one you make with paprika softens the flavors and is a low calorie way to have a creamy gravy when mixed in ( rather than using whole cream).

With chopped cilantro mixed into the yogurt served with any fish or chicken dish.

With cucumbers chopped along with mint into a creamy salad – or leave out the mint and add minced garlic instead to make a quick Indian Raita.

And of course the wonderful Greek dish that we had every day while travelling to the Greek Islands some years ago – a dish of yogurt with heaping tablespoons of honey swirled in. YUM! Try some as dessert, or for breakfast with or without muesli.

Here Jack and I are making cookies using yogurt to make the dough moist. Of course we are listening to Grandma Music while doing it! On this occasion it was the Flying Cows Song!


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