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We play both CD’s every day – and the children are entranced. It’s so hard to find good, wholesome music and books for kids and this is perfect. Love Arf and Hiss – it’s become a routine – every time we get into the car – Sam, The Broken Robot song has to be played. It’s a good thing that my husband and I both like this music since it’s playing all the time in our home.

Elena from Charleston

I have two boys 3 and 6 – it is busy at my home! Now finally we have music and books that all of us like – both boys as well as my mom and dad. Pretty impressive to find a product set that appeals to three generations! Keep the Sam books and songs coming Rockin’ Grandma!

Maria from San Diego

Sam’s books have become nighttime ‘must reads’ in our home – and he comes with us to the lake, as well as in the city – my husband’s parents love this character and his good advice.

Linda from Chicago

My grandchildren like all kinds of  music – most of it loud! The good thing about Sam and his songs is that they apply to the things the kids have to do everyday – like brush their teeth, potty time, taking nap’s, going to school and so on. We bought Sam’s special box because both the boys and girls like to have a special treasure box to keep their ‘ secret’ stuff in. What a great idea! 

Donna from Los Angeles

We have grandchildren that range in age from 2 to 7, including one set of twin girls. Pretty chaotic – so it’s a relief when we can put in the storytelling of Sam – and have things calm down for about an hour. The children love Sam’s Robot voice and his stories. We are glad we got the whole thing with both CD’s since we can put the 14 songs on in the car without the story telling – and it moves quickly from song to song which keeps all the kids happy in the back. We sing along as well – such fun. Cant believe it but the little ones – even those who can’t read yet – know all the words already.

Anna from Des Moines

My little boys like to rap and a couple of the songs are perfect for their moves. Love the good clean language and morals of the books and lyrics. Way to go Rockin’ Grandma!

Michelle from Nashville

We play Sam’s songs in the car – over and over again. Amazing how The Broken Robot Song is the children’s absolute favorite

Estelle from Fresno, CA

I love that we can look at the books and the delightful illustrations, listen to the narrations and songs, ( we are in love with Arf by the way) or just listen to the songs without the narration – all on my IPAD or Iphone or Ipod. We downloaded everything! Its so portable – comes in the car or at Gran and Papa’s house. The kids love it and so do my parents – finally something that we all like and listen to, together.

Melanie from Chicago

I am grandmother to 4 children between the ages of 2 and 6, both boys and girls, and every time I see them, they ask me to read them the Sam, The Broken Robot stories. They love the music and dance and jump up and down. We have such a good time watching them have fun! I wish there were more Sam books – keep them coming!

Carla from Minneapolis

The lyrics in the songs are so appropriate for our little ones who are twin boys of four. There is Rap, African music, great melodies easy to remember, and even though our children cannot read yet, they have memorized many of the words, the tunes are so catchy. We play these almost every day. And what I like the most is that when I am busy with one child, the other will be entranced by the stories and narrations, and is happy to play alone until we are done. Love the product.

Laura from New Jersey

What I like the most, is that my two year old, four year old and also the six year old ( boys and girls) all love the music and illustrations. I have never found products that could entertain all three children at once. I LOVE these songs, narrations and books – and the children each wanted their own Sam’s Special box – so grandparents helped out!

Lana from Atlanta









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