Cooking with kids – planting, watering, waiting, growing, picking and eating your food!!!



What could be better than planting, watering, waiting, growing, picking and eating your food!

And snow peas are a wonderful healthy snack. The next best thing is cooking with kids – and using fresh ingredients that are home grown and organic – is nirvana!

That is what our grandsons are learning to do on our Urban Organic Farm – our Little Farm we call it – and the joy on their faces when the produce they planted is now ready – is a blessing to behold. You can see the understanding evolve as they get it -food doesn’t grow in the supermarket. Fruit grows on trees – plants in the soil and eggs don’t come in styrofoam boxes but rather warm, from underneath the feathers of a hen or a quail hen. The children marvel at it – and sometimes are very puzzled when they try to connect the idea of supermarket foods with home grown organic ones. But they learn a bit more each day and of course its is our great pleasure to teach them! My husband Clive is such a star on the farm – with endless patience. Just the other day Jack ( four) helped him put skylights in the chicken pen – yes skylights! Because of all the lovely creepers and flowers that have grown over the roof, its rather dark in there – and because of that the hens take vacation a little longer than normal. We don’t light the hen house of course, not like commercial hen houses are, since hens only lay when it is light – and the days grow longer rather than darker. So our hens take a LOOOOOOOONG vacation in the winter time – and this way – when the days do get longer ( they are beginning to now) they will start laying again hopefully, a bit sooner than normal. Jack just loved jumping onto the roof ( under supervision of course) and seeing the world from up there. Also peering down at the hens looking up at him was quite a treat as well. What a blessing it is to be here and around these children. May you too be so blessed!


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