For Boomers, Millennials, Golden Boomers and everyone else this Slide Show is all about our lives -be sure to read to the end..


Slide Show of ScreenHeros

Do you remember when television came in a box on four legs? Well you will enjoy this slide show – do stay on it until the end with your speakers on – the last 2 slides are the critical ones- love to hear your comments. I have repeated those two slides here – they are so important for us to remember.

It is the Soldier

Not the President

Who gives us Democracy

It is the Soldier

Not the Congress

Who takes care of us

It is the Soldier

Not the reporter

Who has given us Freedom of the Press

It is the Soldier

Not the Poet

Who has given us Freedom of Speech

It is the Soldier

Not the campus organizer

Who has given us Freedom to Demonstrate

It is the Soldier

Who salutes the flag

Serves beneath the flag

Whose coffin is draped by the flag

That allows the protester to burn the flag

Father Dennis O’Brian

Chaplain, US Marine Corps

The program opens in Microsoft Powerpoint with sound. So if you have that software just click on slideshow from current slide or from beginning and it will begin to play. Take a moment out of your busy day to remember and give thanks.

In tribute to all of our women and men in uniform around the world who keep us safe, protect our liberty and create our democracy. We thank you.



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