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I have been a lawyer, CEO of multiple businesses, Author, Board member, Professor, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Great Aunt, Farmer, Chef and recently musician and Lyricist – but the best role of all is as Grandmother. And that is why I wrote the Rockin’ Grandma songs, and Sam, The Broken Robot books – so that my family could have fun, wholesome, happy and educational music and stories to enjoy together. And they loved them. So I decided to share them with you!The music and stories are fun, happy, wholesome and educational – and catchy so that you will be playing them a lot!The characters in the Sam books are memorable. Sam is wise, the lessons he teaches are universal, and the product is fun, musically interesting and entertaining. The Little Farm where Sam’s Grandparents live introduces the concept of healthy eating and being kind to animals, appreciating differences between people and species and their value.

Special 10 % Off For All Benefits Club Members is the go-to site for grandparents – and so we are proud to introduce a special 10% discount for the Benefits Club members – 10% off all the Rockin’ Grandma products. Enjoy and let me know your comments!

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