From Classroom To Courtroom  To Boardroom To Grandchildren’s Playroom Larraine Segil’s Legacy Evolves

She walked onto the stage – dressed as Sam, The Broken Robot – and began charming the 100 toddlers and their moms and caregivers in the audience right away. She knew just how to do that – as RockinGrandmaMusic, grandmother to four adorable little boys aged 4 months to 5 years, great aunt and godmother to many more little girls and boys, and mentor to young women worldwide – Larraine Segil has capped her ever-changing corporate career with a most unlikely passion. She is the embodiment of a toddler’s dream – the creator of music, songs, stories and characters that make children laugh, learn and long for more. It didn’t start there.  Read Larraine’s story in the slideshare below.

Sample Songs & Narrations

Listen to Rockin’ Grandma Music song samples:

Dancing in My Room Sample

Toothbrush Song Sample

Broken Robot Sample

Listen to narration excerpts from Sam, The Broken Robot & The Pretend Family Books

 sample book 1  

sample book 2

sample book 3

Media Mentions

Yahoo News: Rockin’ Grandma Music Set of CDs and Books is the Perfect Children’s Holiday Gift

For Business Topics regarding Partnering, Alliances, Global Management and Board Governance please visit Larraine’s Business Site at for keynote information, speaking videos, business books and more.

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Larraine loves to entertain and be a guiding figure in the lives of children, women in leadership roles, and business owners. She is a dynamic and powerful speaker and enlightens audiences with her extensive executive wisdom and warms the hearts of the children with her creative spirit. Larraine is frequently interviewed in areas of her expertise and passions which include:

  • Balancing work and personal life as an executive woman
  • Entertaining Children with Sam, The Broken Robot
  • Positive Parenting and Grand Parenting
  • Organic farming at Home
  • Cooking with Kids

Larraine Segil’s speaking topics include the following:

  • Balancing Life, Work, Mommy and Grandma-hood, Health and Fun!
  • Teaching Toddlers Great Habits through Music and Stories – For Parenting Groups
  • Rockin’ Grandma Music and Sam, The Broken Robot Share Songs and Stories
  • Rockin Grandma Music: Cooking with Kids

Read the details of each keynote/presentation in the slideshare below:

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