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It is the time for Pineapple Guavas at The Little Farm -what a delicious fruit! And it makes a great jam too!

Pineapple guavas are an unusual fruit which we love – and its aromatic flesh and skin make a wonderful marmalade. Just add sugar to taste to sliced pineapple guavas and simmer till it tastes right to your level of sweetness!

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Jujube Jam – the most delightful fruit – and the best jam in the world

We grow Jujubes. It is not a candy but a fruit. And the most delicious fruit – sort of between an apple and a date. And when we pit and cook it with a minimal amount of sugar it makes … Continue reading

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Slow cooker in Summer? Absolutely! It is quick and easy and fun! Cooking with kids made easy too

Most of us think that slow cookers are only for winter months. But they work for fast easy during-the-week dinners too. And leftovers are yummy. Cooking with kids when using a slow cooker is easy – you can let them … Continue reading

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Stuffed pancakes? SOOO easy and quick – I use Bisquik low fat – and make it with my grandkids – cooking with kids is SUCH fun!

Step by Step:  How to Make Stuffed Pancakes   Prepare the pancake batter from your favorite recipe or mix. It works best if the batter is a little thin. Preheat a skillet or griddle by melting a little butter over … Continue reading

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