Tasty Thursdays – Aebleskiver – a Dutch Dessert that makes Cooking with Kids so much fun!


How to Delight Your Family! Make aebleskiver!

I guarantee your family will love aebleskiver—Danish  puffed pastries.

Aebleskiver are extra special but easy enough that you can make  them often.

Make them from scratch or make  them from a mix.  Since they are called Danish Puff Pastries, they work as  a snack or a dessert but often they are served for breakfast.  They  certainly beat pancakes.  They’re great as your family’s signature breakfast  or for a special occasion.  Your family will appreciate you every time you  make them.

They’re easy. They’re  good. They’re fun.

See how easy aebleskiver are!

There  are five basic steps to making aebleskiver on the stovetop.

  • Step 1:  Heat the pan.   Put a dab of butter in each cavity.
  • Step 2:  Mix up your favorite batter – I use reduced fat Bisquick – and the recipe on the back for pancake mix is perfect for this – make it a little thicker than usual. the kids can do this job with you. Place a small scoop of batter in each cavity.
  • Step 3:  Add a spoonful of filling. This is the time to put in lemon curd, or choc chips, or caramel chips, or peanut butter chips, even a dollop of peanut butter especially the crunchy type works well! Let the children choose which filling they like the best even if you think it doesn’t work as well – as long as its tasty they will eat it!
  • Step 4:  Top the filling with another scoop of batter.
  • Step 5: Let the aebleskiver cook for a few minutes turning up the edge with a knife to check when it needs turning
  • Step 6:  Turn the aebleskiver and let the other side cook until done
  • Step 7: Tip it out onto a plate to cool a bit or you will find a lot of burnt tongues! Those fillings can get hot hot hot~!
  • Enjoy!

Serve then hot.  Drizzle them with syrup or a sauce or add a  dollop of whipped cream.

Mix your favorite fillings with your choice of batters  or mixes and top them the way you like.

You can buy the pan’s on line – Amazon sells them for about $23. And then use pancake mix ( I like the reduced fat kind) and add whatever else takes your fancy – lemon curd, chocolate chips etc. So buttermilk pancake mix, or Bisquick reduced fat biscuit mix.


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