Dealing with ‘Mean Kids’ – how soon do your children need to know?

“How do you teach your children to react when dealing with kids who are mean?”

I put this question out to multiple mommy-bloggers and received some interesting answers. Some said – don’t talk to young children about mean kids as they will become judgmental. Others said – 2 is too young 5 may be ok. One man said he had been a mean kid and was just calling out to be loved. Yet another said that love and compassion could solve all. And another person said ‘pick up your child and take them away’.

All of the above are right. However the reality is that children do need coping strategies of their own when parents are not there. This is what we tried and it seems to be working. 

“Try being really nice to a child who is being mean to you. And if that doesn’t work, walk away and find someone else to play with”.

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