Make a strawberry dessert – then change it up – change the types of berries, types of cake, types of toppings – cooking with kids makes this FUN!


Strawberry Desserts in Four Parts

There are four parts to our strawberry desserts:

  • The berries
  • The cake
  • The sweetener
  • The topping

You can make desserts with raspberries, peaches and mangoes too but lets just stick with the strawberries for this posting. I use low fat BISQUICK or you could go to THE PREPARED PANTRY my affiliate partner and buy their various cake mixes – angel food, or orange or many others. Then you can add a variety of toppings – of course whipped cream without another thing, but what about Buttermilk Syrup added to the creamy topping? Chopped nuts and candies sprinkled over the dessert are great.  I particularly like chopped salted snack nuts sprinkled over the whipped cream.  I love the contrasts, the salty and the sweet, the smooth and the crunchy of salted nuts with whipped cream.

  • Chopped nuts.
  • Lemon candy and white chocolate decorations
  • Strawberry candy and white chocolate decorations.

And of course cooking with kids is so much fun when they can do all the ‘adding’ and tasting too! ENJOY! Here is our four year old little Jonah – painting – the things he likes most are: 1. Bessert ( ie Dessert) 2. Eating Bessert 3,Making Bessert and 4. Painting or coloring or drawing

Bless him – I kinda agree don’t you?Jonah painting May 2012


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