Mark Russell the comedian is FUNNY! And musings on anniversaries….


Mark Russell is a political comedian and he can be very funny. One of his funniest lines is below:

The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage.”  By Mark Russell

Today is our 46th anniversary – married a lifetime for sure – amazing. When one makes the commitment to marry – the thought of so long is incomprehensible. And then the years fly by so fast  as one struggles to make a living, raise a family, impact a community and keep healthy. And  then all of a sudden you look back and it seems like a dream that your life in all its joy and pain is mostly behind you – at least two thirds of it! So I look forward to the next third being the most fun, and with the amount of exercise and healthy eating we are doing, hopefully the healthiest. We no longer participate in extreme sports, we are far more cautious about what we do physically, and have realized that there is a limit and that risk taking can be curtailed and life can still be fun. Also the child bearing years and , for me, the challenges and painful losses that accompanied those decades, are well behind us now and the joys of grandchildren is never ending. Happily it is a time to give back and pay it forward and there is enormous satisfaction in doing that. Overall – a blessed life, made so by our decision to immigrate to this incredible country of opportunity, peace and justice 41 years ago. How grateful we are! G-d Bless America.

Our Four Grandsons On A Tree – What Could Be Better Than That!

jack Jonah noah gabe on a tree


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