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Who is Rockin’ Grandma and what is our Little Farm?

Here I am on the left  – a 2010 photo taken by my husband – and you can see how very happy I am! Why? I am a grandma – and I live on a farm. A tiny teeny little farm – but still a farm. We are a smallholding and we grow exotic fruits and vegetables. We also have chickens and quail ( we eat their eggs not them!) and wonderful Alpine goats who give us amazing milk that I make into 12 or more different kinds of cheeses, as well as yogurt, ice cream, dressings and more. And we have our own bees to help with the pollination of all those wonderful exotic fruit trees – so of course we have divine wildflower and rose honey.

My husband grows everything and takes care of the animals, and then when he arrives in the kitchen with bushels of produce and more, we cook up whatever I can think of and share the product of our labors with our friends and family.I love to cook. He loves to grow things. And we both love to eat exotic foods.I am a writer – I have written 7 books – one is a novel, and the others are business books.

I had a  wonderful career in the business world before this time of my life. However, now, having sold my last business, and received the blessings of the birth of two grandsons  ( with two more on the way) and multiple grandnieces and nephews, I am devoting myself to softer things, like music,  family, food and fun. And this site is a way that I can share all of that with you, so that you can share  with your family. I must confess that I will also share some personal philosophy with you as you listen to the music of ROCKIN’ GRANDMA, read SAM, THE BROKEN ROBOT‘s books to your little ones, or listen to the narrations of his books, and read through the scrumptious dishes on this site. The reason? Music and food are ways to everyone’s heart. Its in our heritage, our DNA, to be filled with song and to break bread together.

Tracing back our history to primitive man, making music, sharing food and joining together to eat, is something that all families have always done. In the animal kingdom, for example, gorilla families in the wild, learn to eat together and share their food.And their language has the cadence of music.

Its a strange observation of the world we live in, especially in the USA, that many families do not now listen to music together, nor do they eat together. Individual family members each grab something to feed off, and eat alone, at different times, many with their individual music playing through personal headsets, watching television, or working at the computer, even driving or reading.

This website is meant to take you back to earlier times of family closeness when meal-times were the moments when family shared hopes and dreams, pain and joy, and gave thanks for what they had received that day as individuals, and together. In the best of all situations, the meal time is a key place to instill family values, and teach family members how to communicate with different generations, over challenging topics, while observing good table manners.Music is something that should bring a happy feeling, and moments of joy to children and parents alike.

Not every family is ideal, and role models are sometimes lacking – but if music is shared on some occasions and food is nourishing at meal-times, and appreciation of both is taught and felt, goodness will flow from the time spent together regardless of the particular situation.

That is my dream – that my music, stories, books, CD’s, cookbooks and recipes will add some of that goodness to your life and the lives of those around you, family, friends, even strangers! There is nothing more bonding than great, uplifting and happy music, the laughter of little ones and a delicious and satisfying meal.

Thank you for joining me as Rockin’ Grandma by accessing this site, we hope you have as much joy from your visits here as we do composing and playing music, growing healthy food, cooking and eating with love.

What is on this site?

  • Music CD’s of Rockin’ Grandma’s Music as well as a CD of Narrations of Sam, The Broken Robot’s stories with his songs

  • Downloadable versions of his books and songs

  • Buy his SPECIAL box, with both CD’s and his three books inside ( see below);

  • Recipes for delicious, healthy ( most of the time) food for just about every occasion, ways to cook with little ones, Grandma Tips, some philosophy, and

  • A few Cookbooks that are available as E-books only. This not only saves trees, but if you spill something on the recipe you printed out from your computer, you can just print it out again, intact, with lovely color pictures, just like new.

  • My blog which I hope will educate, entertain and lead you to enjoy our stories and music as well as multiple meal and recipe ideas with friends and family.

Pleasing the palate, the eye and the body, mind and soul.

There is no greater joy than eating freshly picked produce, along with home made breads, cheeses, fresh eggs and yogurt. How blessed we are to appreciate and have access to all of Nature’s goodness.




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  1. George Elliott says:

    Penny and I have just reviewed your site and I knew you had written books but I had no idea of your many other talents.Amazing.I will start ordering some.
    To get an understanding of Leigh’s life she started her own blog back in September that discusses how she lives with a terminal condition and has letters to her son as advice from his mom.I think she has about 4000 subscribers now and I know she would appreciate if you could find the time to look at “www.incaseimgone.com”.

  2. Georgia Bell says:

    Wow! This is Fantastic! You are an inspiration! Thank you for all you do!

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