Philanthropy Fridays – Imagine LA transitions homeless families to self-sufficiency

Imagine LA, a 501(c)(3) organization, facilitates an innovative two-year mentorship program that empowers the community to help families transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency. By providing consistent support and access to resources, Imagine LA is able to help families achieve three main goals: 1) Maintain permanent housing; 2) obtain life skills; and 3) ensure that their children thrive long-term.

Since the program began in 2007, 28 families have participated – a total of 34 adults and 64 children. The results have been fantastic: 100% of current and graduated families maintaining permanent housing; all adults learning to budget, save and repair credit, and working toward living wage careers; and 100% of school-aged children being assisted in reaching grade-level, graduating from high school and going to college.

Here is just one story of the success Imagine LA participants are achieving:

Dontay was 16 years old when his family (The Gray Family seen below here) became the first to join the Imagine LA program. Up until that point, Dontay and his brother had been split up, living with relatives out of state and going in and out of the foster care system .

Imagine LA was able to successfully reunite the boys with their mother and, from there, the progress and achievements continued.

With the support of his mentor Ken, Dontay graduated from high school and received a scholarship to attend a Cal State University. He is excelling academically and in his extra-curricular activities. For the past three summers, he has held a corporate internship with GUESS?, Inc. Just one look at the smiling faces of Ken and Dontay below – tell it all.

Although Dontay and his family have graduated from the Imagine LA program, he and Ken’s relationship remains strong; in fact, Dontay says Ken is one of his best friends. Undoubtedly, the support and resources the Imagine LA program provided for Dontay helped him on his road to what will certainly be continued success!

More information about Imagine LA can be found on their website. Also check out my posts on to see a description of the program.

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