Philanthropy Fridays -Make A Wish Foundation – American Airline’s Captain Nasworthy and Owen Brown


Recently I travelled on American Airlines – I used to be a very frequent traveller and still travel a fair amount ( although nothing like the 200 days I used to travel annually!) and yes, the company is in bankrupcy – yet it’s people continue to do good deeds.

Young eight year old Owen Brown of San Bernadino CA, due to the generosity of the Make A Wish Foundation – travelled to Disney World – and was about to board the plane back to his home. Out came Captain Mark Charles Nasworthy – a hero himself – after 25 years in the United States Airforce, and 20 years flying for American Airlines – and he sat right down with Owen who was sitting in his wheelchair with his family waiting to board. He exchanged hats with him – and took a picture – and then stayed a while to chat. Of course as soon as Owen boarded – he took a little trip up to the cockpit and had a good look around – he was THRILLED!!! And so were his family – who looked stressed and exhausted. What a dream come true for this little boy who clearly had gone through so much. Here they are – both are heroes – and YOU too can become a hero today by donating to the Make A Wish Foundation – helping critically ill children find rays of joy and happiness among the difficult and painful times that they and their family have to endure. Read their site – it will bring you to tears – so much goodness still in our world. For example – here is an excerpt:

“There’s nothing like making a sick kid’s wish come true. During a wish experience, joy eclipses illness – and that’s why we’re here. You can read about inspirational, creative and life-affirming wishes by selecting a category or a story. ”

And I did read about it – and spent quite a while on their site. Inspirational. Try it – you will be moved. And thank you for your generosity.

Thank you also to Captain Nasworthy – and American Airlines and of course Make A Wish Foundation.


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