Recipes for Ice Cream Cake – Carol’s best dessert – yum!


My good friend Carol makes a divine ice cream cake. It takes time which is the only little problem -but it is divine – and so – it is worth it! Enjoy!

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Carol’s Ice Cream Cake


  • Oreo’s with cream inside – 4 boxes
  • 1/4 lb of butter – softened to the point of liquidity
  • Ice cream of any flavor – three kinds – a quart of each kind
  • An aluminum baking pan ( rectangle)


  1. Put four packets of Oreos into the blender plus butter liquified and mix
  2. Pour into deep four inch aluminum foil baking pan – press into pan and up the sides – Freeze the mixture.
  3. Then spread the first layer of ice cream and freeze again.
  4. Then add more crumbled cookies/butter and freeze again
  5. Then add more ice cream ( different flavor) and sprinkle the crust onto it again and freeze
  6. Then add one more layer ( different kind) of ice cream and freeze
  7. Then turn the aluminum pan upside down just before serving and peel off the pan and serve immediately




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