Tough Workouts….


My husband and dog both worked out with our trainer Mike – and were both pretty pooped after it.

Guess what happened? They both fell asleep on the floor of the gym. So cute.

The white mark on Goldie’s leg is where she had to have stitches after deciding to jump the fence – to join us walking down the hill outside our house. It is healing nicely after our amazing Vet Peter Erling sewed it up with Clive as Assistant Surgeon,  but we made the fence higher to prevent it happening again. Rescue dogs are quite insecure and the sight of both of us walking away from her made her risk everything to join us. An amazingly loyal and loving dog. We adore her and she gave us quite a scare.

Goldie and Clive in Gym FEb 2016 Goldie and Clive sleeping after workout in gym Feb 2016


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